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September 2013
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Do you Drive? Do you like people? If so, we have an opportunity for you! Some of our members are unable to drive themselves to church on Sunday.  It means a great deal to them to be able to worship with their church family here at Prince of Peace. For some it is the only time of the week they get out of their homes. If you are willing to occasionally drive someone, contact Anne Seim, (503) 646-7700, and let her know. She will organize teams by geographic areas. This is a great way to serve Our Lord by serving others.


Contact: Church Office, Susan Sturm (office@princeofpeacelc.org) or Mary Raetz (assistant@princeofpeacelc.org) office phone (503) 645-1211

FRIDAYS: Sunday Bulletin/Worship folders

  • Collating, stapling, and folding of folders
  • Additional days/times may be needed, depending upon the season
  • Approximate time=1 hour

MONDAYS: Praise Team Music folders (must be able to read music)

  • Pull new music and insert, in order, in folders
  • Sort prior week’s music, sort back to original music  file folders
  • File back prior week’s music into file cabinet in alphabetical order
  • Approximate time=1 hour


GREETERS: Coordinator – Patti Nicoll, patti.nicoll@hotmail.com, (503) 297-7058
We have several openings, especially during the 10:30 am time slots. If you can smile and shake people’s hands, then you’re qualified!

WORSHIP ASSISTANTS: Coordinator – Jan Kier, janet.kier98@gmail.com, (503) 466-1110
We have openings and specifically during the 8:00 am service times.