I want to you meet Margie.  She was a member at Prince of Peace when I came some 14 years ago.  But she was here a lot longer than that.  I think she stood less than five feet tall, but her height never diminished the size of her heart.  She loved Jesus, and Jesus loved her! 

About six months ago when I was visiting her I asked, “Margie, what is the reason for your length of life on this earth? … any words that you could use to sum up your life?” 

Did I tell you, this was in September and in October she would be celebrating her 100th birthday.  Still sharp as a tack, able to carry on a conversation … her only limitation was the care center to which she was confined. 

She thought out loud, “what’s my reason for long life?  … I always try to throw out the bad and keep in the good.”

That was Margie.  She was well-read on vitamins and herbs and holistic medicine.  She’d hand me a pamphlet and say “you need this to take care of yourself.” She (one Sunday, sitting in a wheel chair, while tapping me on my belly) asked, “are you hiding a basketball under your shirt?”  “You’ve gotta get rid of the bad stuff in your body and replace it with the good.” 

Margie was like the disciple Nathaniel, “of whom,” Jesus said, “there is no pretense (guile).”

Margie was a poet; and so many Sundays gave me a hand-written poem – sometimes about life, sometimes about health; sometimes about Jesus; sometimes about heaven.

Margie died – on February 29th of course … no normal day this year would do …

Margie always wanted to be where God is.  Even though she was with God here on this earth, her ultimate prayer was answered.

God loved Margie.  God sent Jesus to die for Margie so that Margie could live with him forever.  And God’s promise is fulfilled.

Isn’t God good!  to Margie, and to us all!

Thanks, God, for Margie.

What a special child.

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