As we get closer to Holy Week there is a wonderful opportunity for ministry provided by our Family Life Ministries called “Journey With Jesus.”  The “hands-on” presentation is for families to come and experience the last days of Jesus life on earth – as He gathers with his disciples in the upper room on Maundy Thursday evening and carries through six stations to His resurrection on Easter.  Over the years we’ve made it available to the children of our school and their families and it has truly been an inspiring ‘walk’.  Whoever comes will participate in remembering the Last Supper, the foot-washing, the walk in the Garden of Gethsemane, His mock trial in Jerusalem, the nailing to the cross, the vinegar soaked sponge, the tomb, and the Resurrection from the grave.

Though the stations stay the same each year, you are encouraged to mark your calendars to join us.

Here is a video presentation of an older “Journey With Jesus” – from 2008:

Journey With Jesus

May your Holy Week experience take you from the Palm Sunday Procession to the grave and beyond, cherishing the fact that is was FOR US that He came to suffer and die and rise again.

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