Sunday School

Education Classes for All Ages happen weekly on Sunday Mornings

Sunday School Openings for Children Ages 4-7th Grade
happen every Sunday in the Church Sanctuary at 9:15 a.m.

Classes for all ages are held every Sunday 9:15-10:15 a.m.
in the CLC (Christian Life Center)

Adult Class – CLC 125

cart0546Education Task Force Vision Statement:
To encourage and teach our members through Bible study and community building to share their faith with their family and friends and to prepare and equip our children through Bible study and community building to be comfortable when expressing and defending their faith with others.

Adult Bible Study Goal:
To strengthen and unite the members of PoP during our transition period to a new Pastor.

The Topics we will be discussing include:
• Why do you go to church and PoP?
• What is a Pastor?
• The Office of the Public Ministry.
• Qualifications for Pastors.
• Men and Women in the church.
• Brothers and Sisters in Christ, true meaning of love.
• Nothing can oppose God’s plan.
• How do you witness to Christ?

We hope that you will join us for this class at 9:15am each week, in CLC room 125!  

Children ages 4 yrs through 7th Grade

Sunday School at Prince of Peace is a Rotational Model – which means that kids learn the weekly lessons in a variety of settings. One week they will go to “Storytelling”, another week they will do a special activity like cooking, or a learning game, another week they will do music, or a special Bible craft. All sections help tell and re-tell the details of God’s love in the timeless stories of the Bible!

As a Service Project, we are currently offering our Dayschool “Adopt-a-Teacher” program.  Look for the display in the Church Entry, and select a Teacher to “Adopt” for the coming School Year!  It’s a great way to support and encourage our Teachers, and to get to know more about them. It’s also a great hands-on service opportunity for your whole family that everyone can participate in, as you practice sharing God’s Love by sending uplifting notes, baking special treats, providing small gifts for Birthdays and Christmas, and overall lifting up your “Adopted” Teacher for the School year!

Classes begin each week with a special Devotional Opening at 9:15am in the Church Sanctuary for children’s classes that includes songs, special announcements, and more.  After the opening, at 9:30am, kids follow their Shepherds to various activities based on their grade.  Join us each Sunday during regular Sunday School classes throughout the year –  from “Story Time” to “Bible Crafts” to “Faith Café” there is something for everyone!!  Plan to be a part of Sunday School this year, and spread the word to all your friends!

Youth GroupYouth Group meets every Sunday at 9:15am in “The Cave” – our Youth Room downstairs in the main Church Building. It’s a great place for hanging out, for learning, growing, and sharing faith.  We are currently engaged in a discussion about the idea of Heaven and Hell, and how that differs from faith to faith. In 2017 we will transition into an in-depth study of the Book of Revelation – so if you are curious about the end times, come and join us, and bring your questions!! This class is designed for everyone in Grades 8-12, and friends are always welcome!  See you this Sunday at 9:15am in the PoP Youth Room!