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Fall CrossThe “Parish Prints Journal” is well into its second year of publication.  The theme we are following for 2013 is “Faithfulness” – God’s Faithfulness to us, an our Faithfulness to Him in our lives, worship, and witness as His people.  The Journal is published and delivered quarterly, and focuses on Inspirational and Devotional content based on an annual Theme, the Seasons of the Church Year and the current Themes that were identified in our Church Community discussions: Education – Service – Relationship – Youth.  Already over two dozen different authors from our Church Community have contributed their thoughts and insights to articles for the Journal.  We hope that some of you will be inspired to write and submit an inspirational or devotional piece that we can include in future Journals.  Contact the Church Office for more details (Call 503-645-1211, or email  

2013 PoP Journal

Fall 2013 September-October-November
Summer 2013 June-July-August
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Fall 2012 September-October-November
Summer 2012  June-July-August
Spring 2012  March-April-May

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