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Here are ideas we will use in coming months to respond to needs identified in the Congregation Forums!

Review the Follow-Up letter below (mailed to all members July 8) and the graphic that defines our areas of focus.  As progress is made details will be updated!

Follow-Up Letter July 8, 2014

Dear Friends at Prince of Peace, 

This year we’ve held two Congregational Forums with a twofold goal: to determine where we are in ministry; and where we need to go for the future. Here is what you told us: 

1) Help us find ways to develop deeper relationships with each other
         Create more personal points of contact between people, because we’re missing some folks we care about 

2) Help us to be sincerely and effectively cared for, and help us care for others
         Raise our collective awareness of those who are not regularly with us, because they matter to us 

3) Help us bridge the generation gap between older and younger members of our faith community
         Develop a community of all ages who know and appreciate each other’s gifts and contributions, because every generation has unique insights that we need to hear 

To move us in these directions we intend to utilize the following:

  • Careful and ongoing study of God’s Word – to learn to better know and hear His voice
  • Regular and intentional prayer – to keep our hearts and minds open to His direction and leading
  • Variety in our approach to ministry – keep things fresh, rather than always put things in place that stay forever
  • Regular and abundant communication about what is happening at Prince of Peace through all means available

 In response to your thoughtful input and sharing, three actions have begun or will soon be starting:

1) Summer of Scripture - to keep us all working toward a regular habit of reading scripture and hearing God’s voice, we will put a “Scripture Tree” in our Sanctuary and make “Leaves” available to all. For each book of the Bible you read you are invited to write the name of the Book, and your own name, on a “Leaf” and attach it to the Scripture Tree. 

2) God Rocks Kids Club - this Summer we will offer a weekly event for families of grade-school age kids age 4 through 5th Grade. Families will gather in homes for music, games, interactive Bible Study, devotion, and a potluck meal together. Participants will get to know each other better, and grow in their ability to share the Good News of Jesus with their kids!

 3) Enhanced Greeting for Worship - there was positive feedback from the small ice-breaker at the forums, and so as we begin worship each Sunday we will add questions for a more intentional greeting. The goal is to know each other better so we can care for each other. 

In Ephesians 4:1, St. Paul writes, “I beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” As we work to live out that calling as followers of Jesus, we hope that we are on the mark as we hear what you have said; but more than that, that you invest yourself with us in the opportunities that present themselves. 

We look forward to growing with you in the months ahead!!

Peace, in Christ!
Prince of Peace Leader Team

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