Preschool Studies

fire-1aOur basic curriculum is a well-designed mixture of learning through discovery and play with a structured plan of success for each child.

Worshiping: The study of God’s Word is basic to all areas of instruction. Children will regularly learn the truths from God’s Word, the Bible, and memorize Scripture. Every child will continually be assured that they are a beloved child of God, saved through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Growing: Physical development will be fostered through games and exercises using large and small muscle activities.

Learning: Our curriculum is designed to stimulate the natural curiosity within every young child. Using hands-on activities along with pre-writing skills each child will be encouraged to explore and better understand his/her world.

Sharing: Each child’s self-esteem will be nurtured so that he/she can confidently explore and use the talents, abilities and skills given by God and to expand them. Children will be given various opportunities to communicate: verbally, through written and artistic medium and through musical expression.

Playing: The social development of the young child is very important. Our preschool will offer many opportunities for each child to work and play cooperatively with others.

A typical preschool day includes:

Bible stories: Learning about Jesus. Child-directed play time. Music, singing and movement.

Circle time: Alphabet, numbers, counting, colors, shapes.

Teacher-directed activities and projects, snack time, story time, and large motor play.

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