Pre-K Studies

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The pre-kindergarten program is a balance of academic learning and child-directed exploration and play. Our goal is that children love to learn, love to come to school and will be successful at kindergarten entry.

Bible: Bible stories are taught with an emphasis on character development. For example, students hear the story of Jonah with an emphasis on the benefits of obedience and sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

Reading: Reading is taught in a phonetic way, learning consonant and short vowel sounds. Students learn to print using traditional manuscript. Comprehension skills are also strengthened.

Math skills: counting, patterns, puzzles, sequencing, beginning addition.

Science & Social Studies: Alternating units including lots of hands-on activities.

Music & Art: A regular part of each school week.

Spanish: Students will learn basic vocabulary, songs and about the Spanish culture.

Children have time to play with blocks, art mediums, puzzles, books, and other manipulatives.

Learning to share, take turns and problem solve are priorities.

A typical Pre-Kindergarten day includes:

Bible Stories: Learning about Jesus. Direct reading instruction. Child-directed play time.

Music: Singing and Movement.

Circle Time: Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Colors, Shapes.

Teacher-directed activities and projects. Snack Time. Story Time. Large motor play.

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POP-Playground slide

POP-Playground slide