Jewels in HIS Crown - “Words and Thoughts - to, from, and about the Prince of Peace”

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Seek and You Will Find Things of value are looked for, sought after, or worked for.  Sometimes the value is sentimental – not material.  This past week I was asked if I wanted some things of my family that I grew up with – but had been stored away for...
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Jesus: the Greatest Gift for Christmas

As I write this week, it’s Thursday, the 22nd.  There’s what, 21 more seconds of daylight today on this second day of winter?  That’ll be great – because every day from now on will be brighter! So how’s your shopping list this year?  Remember you have a few more second...
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The Adventure Continues

December 15, 2011 “Don’t forget to entertain strangers, by so doing, some have entertained angels without knowing it.”  Hebrews 13:2 Isn’t it just the greatest time of the year to hear from others via Christmas Cards, or Christmas letters, or Christmas pictures?  Going to the mailbox when I get home...
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An ADVENTure Awaits

December 8, 2011 Sunday is the Third Sunday in Advent!  That puts us more than halfway to Christmas! The Advent wreath gets three candles lit – and it’s the pink one this week, if you were wondering …  The tree us up, presents are starting to get wrapped, and Christmas...
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Congregational Forum

Were you there?  Did you have the opportunity to share a thought or opinion? It is the hope of the Leader Team that all the members of PoP stay informed about our vision and mission.  As the Scripture passage reminds us, “without vision, the people perish.”  We are called to...
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