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Catherine Marshall (d.1983), wife of Chaplain of the Senate, Peter Marshall, once wrote:  The purpose of all prayer is to find God’s will and to make that will our prayer. No, she’s not talking in a circle, but rather talking a couple of profound thoughts and completing the cycle! As...
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As I was preparing the Gospel this week – the text that includes Jesus acting with authority – some questions came to mind.  Mark tells us that Jesus performed 10 healings.  The healings were signs that the “kingdom of God” was present. Everybody wants to enjoy good health.  That was...
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Next Sunday’s Gospel is about two pairs of brothers who became Jesus’ first disciples – Simon (Peter) and his brother Andrew; and James and John, the sons of Zebedee.  Three if them – Peter, James, and John – would become Jesus’ inner circle – those disciples whom Jesus gathered close...
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Keeping Prince of Peace WEIRD!

Some of you know that I communicate with my family electronically on a weekly basis at my personal blogspot.  The name of my site is “Keeping Portland Weird: My Little Part.”  For some reason or another I have always like the city’s ‘UN-Motto’ – “Keep Portland Weird.”  I have the...
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Wise Men Still Seek Him

Seek and You Will Find Things of value are looked for, sought after, or worked for.  Sometimes the value is sentimental – not material.  This past week I was asked if I wanted some things of my family that I grew up with – but had been stored away for...
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